Private Sale Financing


If you are buying a used car privately or selling a car Alberta Finance can facilitate
a car loan for private sale.  Private car sales can be a great deal and being able to
get a private car loan makes buying a car from a private seller a very easy and safe
process.  When buying a used car privately many buyers are not sure about the
process and worry about potential scams.  Private used car sales financing is a
service we have been offering for 10 years, our experience is something that puts
both the buyer and seller at ease. 
Private car finance does not mean higher interest rates as our private auto loan
financing is offered at prime bank rates available through several national lenders. 
Private vehicle finance is also available to clients who have challenged or bad
credit, all our private party auto loan rates will be at the best rate the client
qualifies for.
As a direct lender Alberta Finance can make buying a car privately as easy as
making the decision to call.  Alberta Finance specializes in private car finance.

Private Buyer - Getting an auto loan for private sale vehicles does not have to be
difficult or result in paying higher interest rates.  Getting a car on finance privately
means you can find your dream car virtually anywhere, our ability to offer private
car finance can give you piece of mind about your buying decision.
Timing is always important in car finance, this is no different when financing a car
from a private seller, dealing with private car sales is something we do frequently.
Not only can we provide a private auto loan, but we can ensure a smooth, secure,
and timely purchase process. 
Ask about a pre-approval for your private car loan so you can go shopping for
your next car with confidence, knowing your car finance is already in place. 

To learn more contact us in person, by email at or by phone
and we will be happy to explain the process.

Private Seller - Selling a car on finance privately gives a buyer an option and can
make it a lot easier to sell your vehicle. Car finance, the ability to finance their
purchase, is the reason many clients buy from dealerships. By financing a car from
a private seller Alberta Finance removes this disadvantage. 
Buyers want to take advantage of the private car sales by owner market and our
ability to assist all levels of credit with competitive interest rates means we can
help get this done with the safety of dealing with professionals to get you through
the process. 
We can pre-approve your vehicle so you can advertise "Private party auto
financing available".

Contact us in person, by email at or by phone and we will be
happy to explain the process.
Private Sale Buyer FAQ'S
1. Q: - What interest rates are available if I am buying a car privately?
: - Private party auto loan rates can start as low as 4.99% although there are
factors such as credit score and the year of the vehicle that affect this.  We will get
you the best rate you qualify for on your car loan private finance.

2. Q: Can I finance an older vehicle through a private auto loan?
: Yes, as vehicles get older there are less options available, but we do offer
private vehicle finance on older units. 2008 or newer up to 250,000 kms

3. Q: The vehicle I want to buy is not very expensive, can I still get used car
private finance?
Yes, we can do small auto loans on our private sale vehicle financing programs.
4. Q: - Can I purchase an extended warranty when buying a car privately?

A: Yes, the vehicle does need to pass a simple inspection but this is something that
should be done anyway. Typically, we can include the warranty purchase in your
private car loan payment.
5. Q: What exactly is GAP Insurance and can I get it on a private car loan?
A - GAP is an acronym for "Guaranteed Asset Protection" so if your vehicle is
written off it protects you against any negative difference between the insurance
company payout and the balance remaining on your private car finance. GAP is
very affordable and can be purchased and included in your private car loan

Private Sale Seller FAQ'S
1.Q: Can I sell my financed car?
Can I sell my car with a loan on it is a common question. The basic answer is
"Yes" providing you owe less than the selling price or can pay the difference
between the selling price and the remaining amount owing to the finance company.
2. Q: What are the requirements of my vehicle to qualify for a private party
Any private used car for sale by owner must be in good mechanical condition.
Any funder wants to know the vehicle is in a safe, useable condition before
providing private sale vehicle financing.
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